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60+ min. VIP!
Your personal & Private conversation.

Good day, hello and welcome!

In this personal and private conversation we will focus on the problems that cause your insomnia.

Before you set a TIME and a DATE when we can talk about your sleep problem, I would like to

 ask if you have answered and filled out our questionnaire? If yes, great. If not, please click on the picture below to START YOUR PERSONAL QUESTIONNAIRE. It is FREE!

This will save us time and give us a better idea of what to look out for when it comes to your sleep problems.

 What can this personal conversation do for you?
Here are your benefits.

               First, let me assure you that these 60+ minutes are an investment in your SLEEP       and ultimately in your own HEALTH.

 1. The 60+ min. are an estimated time. We will not stop talking when we have reached the 60+min., but I will have to end it at some point. I sincerely hope you understand.

2. This conversation is PRIVATE. It is between you and me.( You can of course have someone join you.)
3. The €199.- is a one-time fee. You will not be billed again unless you request an additional booking with us.
4. Our VIP support will include some other relevant questionnaires, until we have found the root cause or causes of your insomnia. These are sent per email to you.
5. Any additional queries or questions will be answered only via E-mail for an additional time of 60 days, from the time of our conversation. This means that will be still be there for you, even after our initial private conversation!


6. As a SPECIAL VIP BONUS you can book an additional 60+ min. for only €99,00. SAVE 50% ! Offer is valid for 3 months from our 1st meeting.