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ORBITZ International - Your Sleeping problem Expert.

INSOMNIA> What can you do?
With our Free sleeping guide you will learn how to sleep through the entire night and have more energy when waking up.

Here you will learn how to identify your common causes of insomnia.

Fall asleep without sleeping pills.
Feel better when you wake up.
We will show you how easy changes which only take minutes on a daily basis, can help you fall asleep
and sleep thru the entire night.
We will introduce natural remedies for insomnia.

Do YOU have any of the following issues when going to sleep/bed?

- Difficulty falling asleep?
- Feel exhausted when waking up?
- Trouble sleeping thru the night?
- Do you experience back pain when you wake up?
- Do you need sleeping pills to fall asleep?
- Does your partner's snoring wake you up and  just don't let you go back to sleep again?

What happens if you don't do

anything about your insomnia?

If you never take the 1st STEP to solve your sleeping issues, nothing will ever change. Your insomnia might potentially have a negative toll on not only your friends and/or your family but it might also affect your work. The question is:

What is your sleep really worth to you?

< Sleeping problems/insomnia >
With the sleeping guide you will achieve the following and defeat your insomnia once and for all. You will:

Wake up in the morning and feel great and full of energy again!
 Sleep all night without waking up too many times during the night!
Eventually ( depending on length of usage) falling asleep without the use of sleeping pills.
Get rid of your back pain for good.
Not being a burden on loved ones or friends because of your lack of sleep.
We recommend solutions for you that are Natural Remedies for insomnia.
common causes of insomnia

With our super simple and easy to follow step by step sleeping guide in form of an E-Book and the tips in it, you will be able to fall asleep and stay asleep again in no time, so that YOU will wake up refreshed and full of energy.

This without any kind of prescription medication. All in a natural way which include only Natural Remedies for Insomnia. Here is a direct link to our natural remedies.

Your FREE sleeping guide as an
E-BOOK is here.

It is absolutely Free.

Yes, every week we will send you another chapter of our SLEEPING GUIDE as an E-Book and what you can do to get a better and healthier sleep. Cancel anytime.

We would just love to help you...

Our sleep experts can help you to achieve a healthy sleep again with first understanding your specific sleeping issues and then suggesting a personalized plan to sleep better.

Why not start TODAY?

If you feel tired and sleepy when you wake up, then what are you waiting for? It usually does not get any better with time. What do you have to lose?

What is a really good nights sleep worth?

Our HEALTH is our greatest asset and the answer would be that a really good night's sleep is PRICELESS! <Start today with your free E-Book.>

With our 28+ years of Experience in the field of sleeping healthy and bedding products, you too will be able to have a great sleep again, because we will find the common causes of insomnia and your sleep disturbances in the shortest possible time.

We have already helped a lot of people to sleep better.

We can & will also help you. Let us begin today. Just contact us by you sending us your email. 

From then on it will be an easy step by step procedure to get rid of your insomnia once and for all.

 Here You will find the most FAQ :

How long will it take for me to get a better, especially deeper and healthier sleep?

This depends on several important factors 1.) How long you have/had your sleeping issues? 2.) What have you done so far? 3.) STRESS is probably one of the most important causes of insomnia. Depending on this it might take a bit longer to overcome your insomnia. Please start with our Quiz, if you have not done that jet, since it will be of tremendous help to us and to you, so we can get started to resolve yours. Thanks.

What are the costs, if any for your services?

Our #1 priority is to help you to have a good sleep again. Not only is our Quiz free, but so is our sleeping guide, where you will most likely find your root cause/s for your insomnia within several days or weeks. If not we would need to talk to you in person because there are over 100 common causes for insomnia and sometimes the one or more causes responsible for your insomnia are not always easy to find. In that case we offer our exclusive paid services, when we do charge for our time, just like most services would. You can find these on our home page under services. Thank you.

Are you qualified to help me?

I am not a Doctor, but believe that almost 28 years of experience in the field of sleeping and bedding and having helped hundreds of people all around the world speak for themselves. All products which I feature on this site, were also used by myself first and have NO known side effects. Most are natural remedies and can only HELP you. You just have to try them. Only if you are on heavy prescription medication of some kind, we would recommend to consult your doctor first.

What Guarantee do I get that I can get back my sleep?

I would really love to give you a guarantee that in 1 day/week/months you will sleep like a baby again, but I can not, unfortunately. WHY you may ask? Just like many health practitioners can also not guarantee a treatment to be successful, or investment bankers can not guarantee your investment, Orbitz International can also not give a guarantee.  What we will do, is do our very best and try really hard to have you sleep again a healthy and deep sleep, because we know that another person who is finally sleeping again will refer other people that we can also help to sleep again! Thank you.

common causes of insomnia

Please understand that we do not perform miracles and have you sleeping like a baby in 1 to 2 hours. Depending on the length and severity of your insomnia it may take days, weeks or even months to get back to a healthy sleep again. You the reader/client/customer has to decide if you want to invest your time and possibly some money to return to a healthy sleep again. We can only promise you that we will try our very best to help you to have a healthy and natural sleep which will last for many years to come. Thank you.

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