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For Your Sleeping Problems.

A healthy, quality & deep sleep is not a luxury!
It is a necessity every night.

Welcome to Orbitz International. Your Sleep Expert.

SLEEP Is The Best And Most Natural Regeneration Process For Our Body.

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INSOMNIA - What are the causes of insomnia? Can it affect your health? Can it be cured?

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Do You Have Minor Or Severe Sleeping Disorders?
What Are Common Causes Of Insomnia?
Let us find out.

If you answer YES then we can help you to get a better sleep again.

Anxiety - Stress - Caffeine - Alcohol - Old Mattress Are Just A Few Of The Causes Of Insomnia.

Millions of people all around the world have trouble falling asleep when going to bed.
They wake up during the night more than just once or twice but 3/4/5 or more times and going back to sleep is even harder.
For some it is nearly impossible to get back to sleep.
They stay up all night and feel exhausted in the morning, almost incapable to work.

The cause of Insomnia is so complex that for most people it’s a very long and very tiring journey to find the root cause or causes that are responsible for their sleepless nights.

We will look for common causes of Insomnia and go over nearly every aspect of what could be causing your sleeping disorders.
Once we have found it or them, we will suggest specific solutions which will include natural remedies for insomnia.
From Wifi routers to taking a close look at your bedroom, the causes could be many or just one specific cause.

Please start with our quiz, it’s free, takes only 1-2 minutes, and is without any obligation.
This is the 1st step to find YOUR causes for insomnia and for you to start having a better and healthier sleep.

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Orbitz International Services:
Here we offer you our exclusive Paid Services
where you can choose between 2 different
Private Conversations or
a Personal Home Visit

We have created these Private Conversations to help you even further on a Personal level.

If you believe that after reading all the information and products provided on this website were not enough to help you sleep better, we can offer you a Personal Conversation or even a Home Visit to help you to find even the last root causes of your Insomnia.

Starter 15 Min.

A 15 min. Private Conversation
€69 one time fee
  • Support One time
  • 15-20 Minutes
  • Questions? Per email

Personal Home Visit

We Will Come To Your Home
€499 one time fee+travel expenses
  • Power Elite Support
  • One Full Day At Your Home
  • 4-8 Hours
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All our bedding products & mattresses are manufactured in Germany which stands for the highest standards and quality.


We have different high-quality products available. Please click here or on the blue button below and it will bring you to our wide selection of products. Thank you.

Klimatherm Mattress-This patented body-controlled mattress adapts to the body with the highest sleeping quality.Cross Cut shows the inside.

  • All our mattresses and bedding products can be shipped worldwide.

Our 3D patented pillows are state of the art!

All sizes are available. Prices depend on size.
  • This totally new and ultra-modern fabric construction, consisting of load-change dynamic three-dimensional spacer textiles, creates an unprecedented never before sleeping sensation.
our products

Orbitz International was founded on a 28-year professional experience in sleep, mattresses and the bedding sector.

Our quality standards are above average. Customer service is our main goal.
Our dedicated staff are happy to assist you with know-how and experience when
we try to find the cause/s of your sleeping disorders.

Orbitz International was founded in March 2020

Orbitz International s.r.o was founded in the most unprecedented of times since this century began. The year 2020 started like any other year for most people, I believe. As March approached many of us who have children received from our kids a message that “next week” there is NO School. WHY we were wondering.

This was the beginning of Covid-19, which transformed and significantly changed the lives of millions of people all around the world. Fear, Anxiety, sleeping problems, and many more health issues began to increase as COVID was all around the world. An estimated 100 million Americans have sleeping problems and many millions more all around the world also suffer from sleepless nights. Let me help YOU to sleep better again. What is a really good night’s sleep worth to you? To me? Priceless!


The Team of Orbitz International.

We are a small team who have created this site and devoted their time
to help YOU to finally get a healthy and deep sleep at night.

Pass Bild 001

Thomas J. Holm

Founder & CEO

As the CEO and founder of Orbitz International my priority your healthy sleep and a great customer experience & service.


Christie J. Holm


Only due to my wife’s love and dedication of helping people was this site created.

Picture- Karla Suarez Guevara

Karla Suarez Guevara

Sleep Expert

Karla is our Spanish Speaking Sleep Expert.


Hamza Grim

IT Expert

Hamza is the person who is responsible for some of the IT stuff on this website. The other person is Dominik who works in Germany.

Achievements Of Orbitz International.

We have created this website to help all those who are seeking to find the true Cause for their sleeping problems!


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Let's Put A STOP To Sleepless Nights So You Can Truly Enjoy A Good Nights Rest and feel great again the next morning.

As KIDS we all had a great sleep, right? At least most of us.

Why do many adults, even some teenagers, and even some kids have difficulty falling asleep or just can not have a good quality sleep?

Behind every symptom is a STORY. It is your story. Let us solve this together.

  • ASEA REDOX - Can Help With Your Insomnia
  • Safe For Everybody | Any Age/Medical Condition
  • SAFE In Any Quantity
  • No Side Effects
  • No Possible Allergic Reactions

What might happen if you do not read my FREE Information on how to get a healthy sleep at night?

You just might never find YOUR solution to a night of better and healthier sleep! But who knows…We just might help you.

>You might continue to have trouble falling asleep.

>You will not feel rested in the morning…bummer!

>Your health will eventually start to suffer IF it not already has? Has it?

>Your sleeping disorders might also cause harm to your loved ones and/or your family.

Start doing something NOW. Why wait?


Drop us a line

We welcome you to contact us for more information about your sleeping problems and anything else that you might have on your mind. Thank you.

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