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What are the most common causes of insomnia?  

 Here you will find out what the root causes are, how to get rid of them so you can finally
get a night of healthy and deep sleep again.

  Written by Thomas J. Holm - Orbitz International

Let us start at the beginning.

most common causes of insomnia

We have all been there before. All of us have had a night when you did not sleep well or not at all. If it was the first night you got drunk with way too much alcohol, or if it was the night before the wedding day, or some other BIG DAY which we were just too nervous and exited to even try to sleep.

If you are worried or exited about something, then you are tense and you get nervous. This is normal, especially if it happens only a few times in your entire life. Nothing to worry about at this point in your life.

But for Millions of people all around the world these sleepless nights seem to get more and more and become the new "normal". Especially since March 2020, a lot of people have enormous difficulties of getting a good, deep and healthy sleep! I am sure everyone knows what event I mean. I am just tired of the C word, sorry.


Insomnia - how does it affect you?

Common causes of insomnia

Maybe it was just for one night, but it can go on for weeks, months, years or even a lifetime. It can affect your health, your marriage, your job or your work, in fact it can affect or change almost every aspect of your life. You walk through the day with half of your brain capacity, irritated or depressed, fearful of the night ahead... knowing that you will most likely be deprived of your sleep again.

But you are not alone!

Millions of people worldwide suffer from all kinds of sleep disorders or also commonly called INSOMNIA. Some simply can't fall asleep when going to bed, others wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty getting back to a deep sleep. Some can't fall asleep at all after waking up the first time and often stay awake all night.

Almost every night something called, lets call it "FEAR/ANXIETY" takes over and trying to fall asleep and getting a good night's sleep becomes more challenging than the actual work during day time. Why is that you will ask? We will answer this later on, since the answer is not the same for everyone.

A lot of folks go to bed exhausted and tired, toss and turn around but it is not possible to go to sleep and have a good night's sleep. For many, their own thoughts keep them from falling asleep and they can not stop these "thoughts" which very often are negative, like issues with WORK, MONEY or their RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE.

So half the night you lie awake in bed frustrated, your muscles tense, your thoughts flooding you until...you are completely exhausted and have a somewhat restless sleep for one or two hours until the early morning hours.

You have now had or experienced insomnia.

Sleeping disorders:

common causes of insomnia

However, sleep disorders become much more common as we get older. This is not only significant, but also alarming, because the number of viewers after 3 a.m. is increasing, especially after the month of March/April 2020.

The current virus, which has added to the fear and anxiety of most people, makes the whole situation much worse, actually a hundred times worse, if not more.

Unfortunately, the long-term consequences of this and I can't put it any other word, but "madness" has not only cost so many people their jobs, but has separated families and caused stress to reach unprecedented levels in the general public.

We will only see the consequences in the coming years or even decades which are jet to come and will then understand what really happened

The variations and causes of sleep disorders are as diverse and complex as people themselves, since every person is unique.

The true causes are sometimes or should I say very often difficult or almost impossible to find, since today we know more than 100 causes for sleep disorders, but very rarely does a human individual find the right solution for himself/herself.

Due mainly to the lack of time and general understanding of the person, their personal and professional life and of course all the other factors we will talk about here to help you get back to a healthy sleep, so that you can get a deep and healthy sleep again.

Most people believe that insomnia refers only to severe chronic insomnia that keeps you awake all night or makes you wake up again and again so that you feel as if you were exhausted the next morning.

That is so unfortunately not true. Even mild insomnia and occasional sleepless nights are also considered insomnia.

What KIND of insomniac are YOU?

common causes of insomnia

To give you an idea on what the true causes for sleep disorders are, let me start by asking:

What kind of insomniac are you?

Evaluating your own insomnia would be one way we could start, since determining the circumstances which are causing your sleep disorders is an important way to begin.

A sleep history analysis would also be of tremendous help to find out more about what leads and causes your sleep disorders.These would be about 15 questions.

For example: A.) Does your going to bed and waking up differ from weekdays and weekends? Or, B.) How often do you wake up during the night and is falling asleep easy or difficult?

About question B. Most people who have a "good sleep" at night actually wake up at night at least 5-10 times, sometimes even more. Sounds strange? Sure it does, since why does someone who "sleeps good" wake up at night so many times? The answer is this. Even if these good sleepers wake up at night so many times, they also fall asleep within a few seconds right after waking up. They also do not even remember waking up so many times.

Here is the issue, and please ask yourself this: If you do NOT fall asleep right away, try to remember your "thoughts" that keep you awake. These are important enough to keep you awake and could be partly the reasons responsible for your insomnia.

These questions are sometimes very specific and some might even seem to be a bit strange to you, the reader, but since every person is unique and different, these will help to find your root causes to why YOU have insomnia.

Sleeping Pills:

common causes of insomnia

Sleeping pills are unfortunately very often NOT a solution and sometimes have mild to severe side effects and are also addictive if taken over a long period of time.

Almost 50% of the population has taken and tried a sleeping pill and one in five takes them at regular intervals. 30-50 years ago, not much was known about sleep disorders.

Much less was known about sleeping pills and their effects or side effects. That the rapid withdrawal of sleeping pills, rather worsens sleep disorders and that the respiration is impaired and slowed down, one did not really know back then.

Many years later we know have a huge amount of information about sleeping disorders, which led people to be more careful when it comes to sleeping pills.

If you want to know more on the topic of side effects of sleeping pills, please read here.

In Conclusion I would like to tell you that countless studies
today say the following:

common causes of insomnia
Insomnia is not a disease, but a symptom.
Insomnia can be treated and cured in a natural way if you have a little patience, because miracles sometimes do take a little longer.

If you have insomnia, please do not hesitate to contact me. There are several ways I can start helping you.

The best way to start is to do the quiz below in order to find out what your individual sleeping issues might be and thru them find the root causes.

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I wish you all the very best for you and your loved ones, especially a good night sleep!

Sincerely yours, until soon I hope,

Thomas J. Holm

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