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Here are different Products that will help you to have a better night's sleep.

Since all human beings spent about 1/3 of their life in their bed, it is pretty obvious that the most important piece of furniture in your house/apartment is your mattress. And jet, many did not/do not invest in a quality mattress, when it is time to purchase a new one.(Mattresses do not last forever,not even ours) With age, back pain and sleep disorders increase. Let us find out the reasons for that. 
Which one is yours?

 Below you can find:             
 Quality Mattresses & Bedding Products A/B/C+D
ASEA Redox

Dlouho jsem otálela s nákupem nové matrace, ale když začal mít manžel každé ráno bolavá záda, rozhodli jsme se investovat do kvalitní matrace a nelitujeme toho. Kvalita spánku se nám zlepšila a ráno se cítím odpočatá a plná sil.

Máme matraci rok a stále je jako nová. Opravdu ji doporučuji každému, pro koho je kvalitní spánek důležitý.

It took me quite a long time to decide to buy a new mattress, but when my husband started to have a sore back every morning, we decided to invest in a quality mattress and we do not regret it. The quality of our sleep has improved and in the morning I feel relaxed and full of strength.

We have had the Klimatherm mattress for a year and it is still like new. I really recommend it to anyone for whom quality sleep is important.

Michaela Fillette


 Seit Jahren plagen mich  Rückenscmerzen. Habe schon einige Matratzen durchprobiert. Von billiger Discounterware bis zu den teuren Matratzen aus dem Fachgeschäft. Nichts hatte geholfen bis mich ein Freund auf die Klimatherm Matratze aufmerksam gemacht hat. Ich hätte nicht gedacht das ich auf dieser Matratze besser schlafe als auf doppelt so teueren aus dem Fachgeschäft. Die Rückenschmerzen sind Geschichte und ich schlafe endlich durch und wache Morgends  ausgeruht auf.
Mittlerweile haben wir in der Familie schon 4 Klimatherm Matratzen.
Ich kann die Matratze auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.

 I have had back pain for years. I have already tried several mattresses. From cheap discount goods to the expensive mattresses from the specialty store. Nothing had helped until a friend has made me aware of the Klimatherm mattress. I would not have thought that I sleep better on this mattress than on twice as expensive from the specialty store. The back pain is history and I finally sleep through and wake up rested in the morning.In the meantime, we already have 4 Klimatherm mattresses in the family.I can definitely recommend the mattress.



Dear Customer,
Since the last 3 years were very challenging for our manufacturer, prices for most of our bedding products will be send 1st to you per E-mail once you filled out our Request more info form since raw materials have gone up due to demand & supply issues. This of course is without any obligation to order or buy.
Delivery times and shipping charges will also depend on the destination country we will ship to.

Thank you. We sincerely apologize and hope that things will return to normal soon!

A. Our Klimatherm mattress

 Our patented body-controlled mattress that adapts to the body with the highest level of any quality mattress on the market today for the best sleep ever.

The Klimatherm mattress is characterized by a unique ventilation system, which has never been seen in this form before.
The special properties result from a new three-dimensional spacing fabric, which consists of a technical-textile bottom and top, which are kept at a defined distance from each other by (monofilament) threads.

The end result resembles a textile sandwich that can be used as an elastic climate comfort component for sitting and lying in many areas.

In order to make sleeping as comfortable as possible and at the same time not hinder the ventilation properties of the mattress, there is a viscoelastic pad with integrated air system over the spacer fabric.

Back pain is one of the most common and most difficult pains to cure.

More than 69% of us suffer from it, 12% daily and 34% permanently.

20 million Germans and Millions more all around the world, visit doctor' s every year for this reason. 

And what does the doctor prescribe? Drugs, physiotherapy, massages and injections.

But: In more than 80% of those treated, the back pain comes back! 

All in all a gigantic economic damage of nearly 50 billion Euro/Dollars.

Quality Matresses

Sleep like a baby

Highest quality

Our small but family-owned manufacturer has been in business for over 35 years. These mattresses are of the highest quality and I believe that ” MADE IN GERMANY” speaks for itself when we talk about mattresses.

Maximum comfort and well-being during sleeping

The bed surface is made of  4cm Visco-therm, a special foam developed for space travel.

This cushions the body weight of the lying person so softly that one can almost speak of the feeling of weightlessness.

This 3D fabric  allows air to flow into the mattress

The unique ventilation system, which has never been seen in this form before and its special properties result from a new three-dimensional spacing fabric, which consists of a technical-textile bottom and top, which are kept at a defined distance from each other by (monofilament) threads.

 High-quality memory foam with thermo-regulatory functions

The breathable material adapts exactly to its shape under the weight and warmth of the body and thus prevents the development of pressure points.

Thanks to the integrated air system, there is complete air circulation inside the mattress.

Our Exclusive Klimatherm mattress is guaranteed for 8 years.

Breathable and skin friendly

Skin-sympathetic, natural healthy mattress. Made with natural and selected raw materials.
100% metal free - Highly elastic
Breathable and temperature balancing
Especially air permeable
Comfortable and light

The unique mattress cover

The new fabric is processed with silver threads and makes the excellent properties of silver their own.
It has an extremely high thermal and electrical conductivity and also an extremely anti-static effect.
 A zipper on the top edge of the mattress allows easy removal and washing at 60degrees and is suitable for tumble drying.
It also has the ability to be effective by Shielding against electromagnetic waves.

 Special dimensions & custom-made sizes

Quality mattresses
Made in Germany
Family owned business for 45 years

The Family owned factory in Germany can fabricate and make any size and shape you wish. If you want a mattress shaped as a heart or you need a special size for your camper or caravan, we can do any size and shape!   For your convenience we will vacuum seal all mattress for easy and convenient shipping.

Please contact us for pricing and delivery charges.

Delivery for all bedding products within Germany is Free!
For all other countries within the EU or anywhere in the world please contact us using the
"Request more Info"  button .

Different mattresses for various purposes

 Mattresses for Hotels

Mattesses for 5* Hotels

A. Our budget model: For those hotels which need a high-Quality mattress but also do not want compromise in quality. This mattress will give your guests a high-quality sleep and save your hotel a lot of money.

B. This mattress is for the 5 star or Luxury Hotel.

When you do not want to compromise your guests to have a fabulous good night sleep, so will love to come back!

High-Quality mattress for Hotels

Its Features Are:

  1. The mattress has an all-round zipper on the upper edge of the cover. Thus, there is the possibility of washing in the washing machine by 60 °C.
  2. It can also be replaced separately if needed. In case of extreme usage or damage. This saves any hotel money, since not the entire mattress has to be replaced!
  3. A memory foam with air circulation for a healthy sleep.
  4. And many more features...Please send us your request. Prices depend on quantity ordered. Thank you.

Body controlled for luxury sleep

Its Features Are:

  1. The mattress has a European patent.
  2. This body-controlled mattress that adapts to the body, with the highest sleeping comfort.
  3. An Orthopedic mattress for natural and tension less posture of your spine and even support of your body. This 3D mattress does not require a special slatted frame! Due to the 3D spacer fabric inside the mattress, the body is optimally supported and balanced.
  4. The mattress has an all-round zipper on the upper edge of the cover. Thus, there is the possibility of washing in the washing machine by 60 °C.
  5. And many more features. Please contact us for more detailed information. Prices depend on quantity ordered. Thank you.

  Mattress for Hospitals.

Mattress for Hospitals

This Is Our Mattress For Hospitals and Retirement homes.

A mattress that does NOT allow fluids to penetrate thru to the mattress inner material. Also the zipper is overlapped against fluids that could penetrate where the zipper is attached.

The Material has special properties and many advantages for maximum comfort and well-being during sleep.

The latest generation and high-quality memory foam with thermo-regulatory functions.
Thanks to its open cell structure, the VISCO-COOL material allows air to flow into the mattress, which reduces sweating.

The material is enriched with a natural moisturizing cream and is made using micro-spheres using phase change technology, which provides it with optimal thermo-regulatory properties.
This specific material acts as a natural protection against microorganisms, e.g.

Of particular importance is that substances that are harmful to human bodies are NOT used during the manufacturing process.

The cover is odorless and can be washed as often as needed without losing its properties and original shape.

  • Cover: lying surface double cloth 310g/sqm unquilted.
  • with incontinence on the back.
  • Border made out of incontinence.
  • The underside is 3D fabric 3mm thick.
  • The lying surface is removable and exchangeable.
  • Cover washable 60° and suitable for a tumble dryer.

Please contact us per email to find out more about our mattresses for retirement homes and hospitals.

 Delivery times are between 1- 2 months from the time you order. Thank you.

B. You can also easily add a integrated massage system to any of our mattresses.

An introduction to the oscillation massage

At the beginning of the 80's the method of the method of deep-acting oscillation massage at the
the teaching hospital of the University of Nürnberg-Erlangen in Germany for medical for medical-therapeutic purposes.

Initially this therapy was used for inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Since the body's own oscillations controls all functional processes in the body, the deep-acting and the
deep-penetrating oscillation therapy, when used consistently and activates the weakened cellular and bodily functions. 

The cell and body functions are activated and harmonization of the derailed regulatory mechanisms have a broad spectrum of positive health effects.

Different programs achieve the following:

  • Level 1 - Loosens the muscles. Increases oxygen intake.
  • Level 2 - Relaxation program for: Nervousness, difficulty falling asleep, stress...
  • Level 3 - Stimulates lymphatic flow: Detoxifies and purifies. Eliminates metabolic products. Strengthens the immune system and much more.
  • PULSE - Relieves muscle pain and tension, stimulates metabolism (after sports or physical work).

Both a German & English manual are available when ordered. Only the German is featured in our picture below. More info can be provided before ordering. Thank you.

C. Our orthopedic pillow
The 3D revolution sets new standards in the sleep sector!

3D-Pillow. A Revolution in Pillow standards

The 3D pillow has been an absolute classic for over 10 years and once you have slept on this pillow, you will not want any other.

The basis of the pillow is the unique 3D fabric, filled with the pleasant Kugeltraum® material, whose filling quantity you can change yourself to any desired amount, so if your sleep preference is to sleep a bit higher or lower, just adjust the filling quantity to your desired height.

The novel and ultra-modern fabric construction, consisting of load-changing, three-dimensional spacer textiles, creates an unprecedented sleeping sensation!

A unique thermo-regulation, which guarantees excellent heat - and moisture dissipation, distinguishes this high-quality , unrivaled pillow.
Pressure-elastic monofilament threads between the upper and lower surface create a use-related pumping effect, which guarantees excellent heat and moisture dissipation.
The special design of the fabric structure thus allows for climate-comfortable lying, high dimensional stability and optimal pressure distribution.

 Recommended for allergy sufferers!
100% PET, therefore no chance for dust mites or molds
60° C washable
100% recyclable

The perfect pillow

This pillow is unique. It adapts perfectly to the head without the feeling of losing support or sinking in too much. You can breathe freely through the fabric and it is extremely light compared to feather pillows and also fully washable.

Axel Schröder


A great pillow

This pillow helped me so much to really sleep better at night and wake up feeling fresh and not tired like with my old feather/down pillow that now going to bed and night is great.

S. Neubauer


D. Our neck support

The ultimate neck support

Relaxed sleep due to relief of the cervical vertebrae, the muscles as well as the nerve tracts.

Created for people who need that special neck support!

Interior: ViscoAir foam
Cover: Laxol-Silverstar (with Tencel and silver, washable at 60°C), antibacterial & antistatic

  CBD Products

CBD is a all natural product and has already helped Millions of people around the world with their health issues and health problems!

It has no known side effects. It is a plant, the plant itself is very old but its actual ingredient the CBD which helps was always associated with the THC, the stuff that in *NOT in any of our CBD products.

First and foremost I want everybody to do their own due diligence on CBD. It is important that you the "Reader" wants to know more about it from different sources, which you can find on any search engine.

I also find it important to mention that most if not all regular prescription drugs have or better MUST HAVE side effects. Otherwise it can NOT have an effect. These side effects are very often worse than the actual effect of the medication and can therefore do more harm than good.

I am writing this because most Doctors will not recommend CBD, since they want their patients to continue with the drugs prescribed by big pharma, which is a multi-Billion dollar industry but has also already paid Billions in damages because people have died of some of the side effects.

                                                                           Nobody has ever never died of CBD!

Worst case is that you might not get or feel any improvements while taking CBD products. There are of course people who take a lot of prescription drugs. These should check with their doctors BEFORE taking CBD to understand it better.

With a vast variety of companies & their products out there you might get overwhelmed and choosing one just might be a bit difficult, since there are some " not so good" products out there.

I can only RECOMMEND some companies, since customs and shipping charges depend on where you live.

I have chosen 2 companies, which I have personally tried different products from both of them.

* Most CBD oils/products contain approx. less than 0.2% THC.(<0,2THC)

 1. HempMate


If you live, reside or have an address in any of these 27 EU Countries ( Switzerland +UK), I would recommend Hempmate for your CBD products. Their company is based in CH-6440 Brunnen. 

To ORDER please click HERE.

Don`t forget to change the language and country you are in. 

If you live, reside or have an address in the USA or Canada, I would recommend CTFO, since they are based in Reno, NV 89502 and have a great customer service if you live in the US or Canada. They do ship to a lot of other countries.

To ORDER, please click HERE.

Don`t forget to change the language and country you are in. 

GERMAN - Language U-Tube links about CBD.

Here are few suggestions of mine about CBD on U-Tube IF you understand or speak German. 

1. Selbstexperiment. 

A guy tries all kinds of ways of how to use CBD. 

2.Cannabis - Eine unterschätzte Highplanze/Heilplanze.

Another German U-Tube video. Very interesting.

ENGLISH - Language U-Tube videos about CBD.

 Here are just a few suggestions of mine in English.  1.What Doctors are saying about CBD? || Cannabidiol

Here another very interesting video from the Mayo Clinic 

2. Mayo Clinic Radio: CBD products - what's safe to use?  

3.CBD Oil For Anxiety & Depression | 6 Month Review

CTFO-The ultimate in CBD Quality

To Order from HempMate please

To Order from CTFO please 

Just in case you are looking for natural relief from your sleepless nights.
Let me introduce CBNight to you.
The result is an exceptionally effective sleeping aid.
CBNight is only available thru Hempmate.
For more info or to order it, please click HERE or on the picture.

CBNight-Helps you sleep naturally.

The product CBNight is only available thru Hempmate.

ASEA Redox

What is ASEA Redox?

More importantly:

How can it help with insomnia?

ASEA Redox is NOT a:

CBD Oil?
Exotic Juice?
Essential Oil?
ASEA-Redox-The greateds health breakthrough our lifetime

So What is ASEA Redox ?

ASEA Redox is the single greatest health and anti-aging breakthrough of our lifetime!

It is the world's first & only REDOX SIGNALING supplement.

Redox  Signaling 

is foundational to cellular health,

rejuvenation and renewal,

impacting every major body

system and function.

There are over 1200 books on Redox and over 18,000 studies published.

REDOX Signaling Molecules

Here you see just a few of the 1200 books that have been published on Redox.

If You are still wondering and asking yourself how ASEA Redox can help you with your sleeping problems, then my answer would be as follows: Please just TRY it yourself. ASEA's 30 day money back guarantee should proof to anybody to at least give it a try.

Understanding the SCIENCE behind it is one thing, trying it yourself is another, and thousands of customers can not be wrong who are already using ASEA Redox for some time.

There are also hundreds of other videos about HOW and WHAT ASEA Redox can do for you. I recommend a few,and I put those links below, but you are welcome to use any search engine to find others.

There are also numerous ASEA FB groups for people but also for pets! One ASEA Facebook group has over 186,000 members who talk about their experience and results with ASEA Redox and show actual pictures what this product can do. You can join and SEE for yourself by going to my FB page and you can either send me a message or add me to your FB and please give me a LIKE. 

The PET FB page has over 14,000 members where not only dogs are treated but all kind of other animals. Not for sleeping issues, since in the animal kingdom they DO NOT have sleeping disorders. I wonder why?

I also would like to "ask" to do your own due diligence on ASEA Redox. You will find negative comments or videos, but one can find negative info/stuff on almost anything these days. It is human nature to look and see the negative aspects on almost everything.

Below are 4 interesting videos that explain ASEA Redox.

ASEA Redox Zero Toxicity
ASEA Redox Zero Toxicity

                             These are some very important facts before you order ASEA Redox.

1. ASEA Redox and their other products are MADE IN USA.

2. ASEA Redox has a unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee! It does not matter in what country you purchased it. (All products have this.)

3. ASEA Redox is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, ASIA and in most countries in Europa. Just click on the BLUE BUTTON below to select your language and see all countries.

                                                                                  THANK YOU!

Thank you - Vielen Dank - Dekuji - Gracias - Grazie - MERCi
for reading. I sincerely hope that the products, the information and links provided on my site will help you to have a healthy and deep sleep once again.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

The documents and information contained in are presented for information purposes only. The material is in no way intended to replace professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. The materials of cannot and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or choice of treatment.

Request more Information.

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