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here you will find Solutions for your Sleeping problems!

this FREE online Questionnaire will provide you with some or possibly  all of the root causes that are responsible for your sleep disorders, also known as INSOMNIA.


Find a Solution for your sleeping problems now. 

 With your personal Questionnaire we will find and determine the causes of your sleeping problems & also introduce SOLUTIONS!

Millions of people worldwide, have all kinds of sleeping disorders. Some can not fall asleep once in their bed, others wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty falling asleep again. The variations an causes are as diverse and complex as people themselves since every human being is in itself unique.

Without enough restful sleep, minor to serious health problems will affect us almost all of us.

A healthy sleep every  night is just as important as the AIR we breath & the water we drink!

INSOMNIA has over 100 different causes. Have YOU found yours? If not find yours now. Why wait?

A few of our Testimonials

Very Thankful

I was finally told and shown where and what causes my insomnia. It took some time, but I finally have a deep sleep again.

S. Gonzalez

Los Angeles, CA


I would have never thought that the real causes for my sleepless nights are not in my bedroom! Thanks for giving me back my sleep!

Dorothy Adams

Orlando, FL

What a change

What a change in my life, when I finally found out what the real reason for my sleepless nights were. Thanks Orbitz.

Kimberly Turner

Oklamhoma City, OK

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