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First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU for your trust.
If you are here then You believe that your sleeping problems are either minor OR severe.
There are over 100 reasons that can cause Insomnia.
Here we will not only find YOUR root cause/s but also look for the SOLUTION to make You sleep again, for many years to come! That is not all. We also include many interesting articles from renowned sites and authors.

A Healthy Sleep Every Night Is Just As Important As The AIR We Breath & The Water We Drink.

Let me start by explaining what Insomnia really is.

Most people think that Insomnia refers only to severe chronic sleeping problems that keep you up all night.
It does not. Mild sleeping problems and occasional sleepless nights are also considered Insomnia.

So if You any of these seem familiar you are at the right place.

  1. You have a difficult time falling asleep when you go to bed.
  2. You wake up at night and can not fall asleep again.
  3. You wake up in the middle of the night and take 1/2/3 hours to sleep again.
  4. You fall asleep right away, but when you wake up at night it is impossible to sleep again.
  5. Your partner’s snoring makes it difficult to fall asleep.
  6. Sleeping pills are not really working anymore for you to feel good in the morning.
  7. Your backaches are not letting you have a deep & healthy sleep.
  8. Other pains make it very difficult to fall asleep or just have a good night’s sleep.
  9. Due to Noise/Smell/Sound or Taste issues, it is hard to fall asleep.

These are some of the most common reasons for Insomnia. There are many more. We will talk and explain them at a later point in time here.
Either way, if you don’t feel rested and good when you wake up in the morning, let us change that now.

Transform Your Insomnia To A Healthy Deep Sleep Again! Orbitz will do it.

We have created this awesome website that will help you to FIND your root causes of Insomnia.

How many hours of sleep do you need at night so when you wake up you feel rested?

4 to 5 / 5-6 / 6-7 / 7-8 / 8-9 hours or more?

It is important to know the right amount of sleep that YOU need? To feel good!

Some or let’s say a selected few people feel good after 4-6 hours of sleep. Others need 6-8 hours and some need more than 9 hours to FEEL good. There is no normal amount. We are all unique in that way and we all need different amounts of sleep every night.
Nevertheless, the “recommended” amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours.
Also when we are sick, don’t feel well, or have a cold, we do spend more time in bed and sleep longer. Why? Our bodies’ very own immune system is fighting whatever sickness you might have while you are resting and sleeping. This is the best time your immune system can function at 100%.
TRUE or FALSE: The Shorter The Sleep The Shorter Your Life?
Not really, but the Sleep Quality and Sleep Quantity have something to do with it.
Alone In the last 30-50 years, times have changed dramatically.
Since March 2020 LIFE as we knew it, has changed even more and will continue to change.
Most people tend to work longer hours and are basically under much more stress than 30 years ago. We live in a fast pace and modern society.
Companies and Governments want us to pay 30-45 years into some retirement system or pension fund to then enjoy our “Retirement”. Right?
Unfortunately, most people will never enjoy the fruit of that hard labor they put in since many of us sacrificed our HEALTH for money.
Is it not time to prioritize your SLEEP instead of so many other things? Since I believe that your health is directly related to your sleep.

Let us continue by asking yourself these 3 questions.

1. Do you smoke?
2. Do you drink Alkohol?
3. Do you drink Coffee or tea? Or any other beverage with caffeine?

All of these factors might not cause sleeping disorders in some people, in others it might, but the Right Amount/Dosage Is Important.

I do not want to talk too much about smoking, but I would like to “suggest” or recommend at least to “Try To Stop smoking 1-2 hours before going to bed.” The same applies to any alcoholic beverage, coffee or tea, and any other caffeine products.

Please do understand that if you consume Tabaco, Alcohol, or Coffee/Tea right before going to sleep, your sleeping issues might be affected by these substances.

What Actually Happens When You Are Sleeping?

I think that is a really good question to ask.
The answer is quite complicated so I will keep it short but to the point.

There are 2 kinds of sleep. REM sleep and non-REM sleep.REM sleep which means “Rapid Eye Movement” is the sleep when you dream. Your eyes are moving rapidly while you are asleep. The other is non-REM sleep, which is your “normal” sleep.
In our dreams, we LOOK around and if you see the eyeball underneath the closed eyelids moving rapidly, then that person is in REM sleep.
For the majority of people, REM sleep occurs approximately every 90 minutes during the night.Every person dreams numerous times every night.
Important is the total amount of QUALITY of SLEEP you get every night.
During your sleep, there are so many things going on in your body in addition to all the activity in your brain.
Then there is the question of WHY do some people sleep better than others?
Well because the SLEEP WAKE system is extremely complicated and even if you can trace Insomnia through a family member, it does not mean that it is genetic.

A. We now come to what I call the Non-Bedroom Related causes of Insomnia.

Non-Bedroom Related causes of Insomnia can be many. These are things that are related to anything & everything that can cause sleep disorders but are not found in or inside your own bedroom.

1. STRESS is probably one of the most important causes of Insomnia.

We all have it in one way or another at times.

It is important to understand that too much negative stress (there is positive stress as well) can cause many severe health problems, which of course will have an effect on your sleep.

This is such a complex and difficult subject matter that it would take up way too much of my or your time at this point, so I have to be brief right now.
I do want to say this:
If You have too many stress factors then these are potentially the cause for your sleeping disorders, and about half of all people who suffer from insomnia are related to psychological problems. Stress is just one of many.
An example would go like this:
Let’s call him Mr.Smith. Mr. Smith has problems at work, which he takes home. In addition, he has financial problems, which results in issues with his wife/girlfriend or partner.

If on top of these issues, which are already one too many stress factors, come stress factors from our society.

These are especially found in large cities all around the world.
Traffic is terrible.
In cities like Manila which has more than 10 Million people, traffic becomes every normal working person’s nightmare.

Crime & drugs surround us. Corruption has become the normal thing nowadays, and the new war with biological weapons which we all have seen in movies in the past is now here with us on a daily basis.
Overpopulation, Pollution, and racial issues are another few stress factors for many people these days.

The connection between STRESS and INSOMNIA is obvious. Insomnia happens AFTER you have a fight with your wife/relative or a close friend. There are many more examples for this.

Then people wonder why they can not sleep at night? Your mind is being infiltrated by these negative stress factors and trying to relax becomes difficult to impossible at night.

What might be the Solution?

There would be no problem if there would be no solution.
So the solution is to change the way YOU think. The power of your own thoughts is more powerful than you can imagine.
Yoga, a relaxing bath, a Tai massage, are just a few examples.

Just in case you want to try something that is the New Health Revolution all around the world and you live or reside in the US/Canada or any one of these other countries, I recommend CBD. It has many health benefits, such as relaxing or calming your nerves if you are under stress. The company also gives you a 60-day Empty Bottle Guarantee, so you can not go wrong, unless of course if you do not try it. To order please just click  HERE. Thanks.
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More detailed and in-depth information can be given in one of my Private Conversations which you can find in the MENU on top under |Services |

2. Negative Thoughts are also a huge issue.

Negative thoughts just before bedtime or even worse when you are already in bed, and you are “trying to sleep” just might be even worse than stress itself, due to all those negative news surrounding us almost 24/7.

Please try to avoid them at least 1-3 hours before bedtime

One of the major causes of negative thoughts is your basic “NEWS” on your TV, Radio, or just reading the newspaper.

These mainstream media channels are filled mostly with negative & bad stories which make us uncomfortable and for some cause issues when trying to sleep at night.

Mainstream media has to fill the time slots and BAD news sells much better than GOOD news!
Anything bad, especially when blood flows, sells much better than if a new Panda is born in the Zoo. This might sound harsh but I can assure you that the truth has very little room in any TV newsroom.
As humans, this is in our nature, to look primarily at any situation from a negative perspective since our survival instinct is much stronger than you think.

This leads to many more negative thoughts every single day, which means you don’t have to make it worse by watching the news which is also mostly negative in content and context.

9/11 or now covid are prime examples of just that. If you watch or listen to the news daily then you must have noticed, not one day goes by where you do not see or hear about it endless times a day.

These are all NEGATIVE words & images. No positive news at all.

What might be the Solution?

Well, there is no ONE for ALL treatment or Solution, but may I suggest something which will definitely improve that.
STOP watching, listening, and reading any mainstream media News for at least 30 days.
I believe that YOU will feel better and probably also sleep better.
The negative impact of even seeing a negative headline of a billboard on the street or even just a glimpse of negative news or images will intrude into your subconscious and create bad thoughts, especially when trying to sleep.
For people who live in the US/Canada or any one of these other countries, I would also recommend CBD. It has so many benefits, for many health issues that that “calming a person” is definitely one of them. The company that I recommend also has a 60-day Empty Bottle Guarantee, so you can not lose, unless you don’t try it.
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If you live in Europa then I would suggest looking into this company called HempMate. Since they are based in the heart of Europa, in Switzerland, shipping & handling (they ship to 27 countries) will be, let’s say “easier” and faster.
They do not have as many products as CTFO, but the ones they have are really great. I have personally tried them and can recommend them. To see all countries HempMate delivers to and order HERE. Thank you.

3. Depression & Anxiety are also major causes for Insomnia.

Depression and Anxiety cause all kinds of general health issues as well as Insomnia!

These are probably also the hardest to solve and I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist at some point.
Before you might or might not take that step, let us talk briefly about what causes depression?
To put it in a simple to understand language.
-It Is A Chemical Imbalance In Your Brain-.
This may not be the simple explanation you were looking for but since this is an extremely complex topic on this site and Depression can certainly be a cause for sleeping disorders, I have to keep it really brief. If you need a more in-depth explanation, the Harvard Medical School is probably a good place to start understanding what causes depression. Please Click Here. Thank you.

For now, let me recommend you CBD. Yes again, since its an all-natural substance, which in the last several years had a tremendous positive impact on our overall health.
So if you live in the USA or any of these countries, you can order CBD products from CTFO, a company that gives you a 60-Day Empty Bottle Guarantee, so you know you can not go wrong.
If you live in Europa then I would suggest looking into this company called HempMate. Since they are based in the heart of Europa, in Switzerland, shipping & handling (they ship to 27 countries) will be, let’s say “easier” and faster.
They do not have as many products as CTFO, but the ones they have are really great. I have personally tried them and can recommend them. See all their countries and order HERE.
I would also like to encourage everybody to do their own due diligence on CBD. Any search engine will do.
There are a lot of U-Tube videos available about CBD, which means:
Endocannabinoid System.
You can spend days watching them.
I even found one from the NIH which is the National Institute on Drugs, which explains the “Endocannabinoid System” and if you have 90 min, please do watch it. Just Click Here.
If you have found something that works for yourself and makes you sleep better, please SHARE it with Orbitz by sending us an email. I will try to include it on my site.

4. WIFI Routers / Modems / Laptops / Cell Towers etc.

Do These Pictures Look Familiar To You? Any One Of Them Could Be The Cause Of Your Insomnia…Or Not?

They should since they are basically everywhere these days. A life without Internet is almost impossible to imagine these days.

Can routers / modems / laptops / smartphones / cell towers and anything that Connects Us to the -WWW- which stands for World Wide Web or as some would just call it The Internet cause Insomnia of any kind for some people??
Most people’s HEALTH is affected by these devices which emit EWR.

What we are trying to do here, is to find the ONE or more Cause/s that are responsible for YOUR sleeping problems and sleepless nights!
So why can WIFI devices like routers, laptops, etc. cause sleeping disorders for some?
They emit ” Electromagnetic Radiation ” (EMR) waves and people who are sensitive will have issues because of them.
I want to quote just one sentence from the article I added at the end here which says:
Dr. G. J. Hyland of theUniversity of Warwick, UK, calls the human body “an electrochemical instrument of exquisite sensitivity,” noting that, like a radio, it can be interfered with by incoming radiation.
Just because you can not See / Smell / Hear or Touch them, does not mean they are not there!
If you want to know more about EMR, please Click Here.

1. Please turn all your WIFI devices OFF for the entire night. At least 30-60 min. before you go to bed. Even better if it’s 1-2 hours before bedtime!
2. Do not take your cell phone or any other WIFI device with you in your bedroom. Nor put it next to you on your nightstand. Please turn it OFF and leave it outside your bedroom… unless you are waiting for an extremely important phone call that night!
These might not be the right solution for everybody, since all humans are unique but please try these and see or feel for yourself. It might take several days to feel a difference or even weeks. Some might even sleep better the 1st night. There is no one size fits all | Solution | when it comes to people’s insomnia.
What we are doing is going thru as many root causes as possible until we find the Solution for YOU.

5. Any kind of PAIN

Another cause of sleepless nights might be any kind of mild chronicle or any sort of PAIN.

Ever tried to fall asleep with a headache, toothache, or back pain, etc.? I am not talking about when you have a migraine or need a root canal done. No, just any mild sort of pain can cause a person to have problems falling asleep, waking up during the night, even causing severe Insomnia if the pain has not been doubting with, for years.
I believe that many people have learned to live, accept, deal, or just live with their pain.
BUT what can one do for PAIN you are asking?
The answer is simple: “Prescription Medication”
Teresa Carr wrote an article with the title ” American’s Love Affair With Prescription Medication” in Consumer Reports 2017.
She wrote: If you’re like most Americans, you probably start your day with a hot shower, a cup of coffee—and a handful of pills. True? Read the entire article here.
In Europa, the situation is not much better. In Germany, pills are also being prescribed like it is candy.
TODAY We Do Have Alternatives that people can try before going to the doctor or taking medication, which in many cases should be a last resort.
Why? Because almost every medication prescribed for Pain, called narcotics or opioid pain relievers have side effects and the opioid crisis especially in the USA has gone from bad to worse in the last decade alone.
The NIH says this about the opioid epidemic: 2018 data shows that every day, 128 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids.


This is a very complex topic and I am not a Doctor.
If you already take any kind of prescription medication, or opioids, please do consult your physician or doctor to try to find an alternative for them.
If your pain is mild or severe and you are not on any prescription medication, I would again recommend CBD. This time the strongest and best that CTFO has to offer.
It is called 10x PURE Gold Super 1000. It’s Extra Strength Relief. Again you have a 60-Empty Bottle Guarantee. Day Please read and order HERE.Thanks.

6. The Above 5 major causes of Insomnia are responsible for more than 50% of all sleeping problems. Are there any more? Yes!

Before We Talk About The Other Causes Of Insomnia, Let Us Find Out What Happens When You Do Not Get Enough Sleep?…at night that is.

Let me explain this matter in a simple way, even that we all KNOW what happens if we do not get enough sleep every night.

All human beings on this planet had at some point a bad night’s sleep in their life. Once in a while we still have a night when we don’t sleep well. That is normal and does not really harm your health.

The MAIN effect of having a bad or poor night’s sleep is that during the day you are very sleepy and your motivation for doing any kind of important “work” is lost.
YOU JUST WANT TO SLEEP! This becomes your priority for that day.
It just becomes very difficult to concentrate and get any tasks done or just get productive work done.
You can “function” but your attention span or reaction time for such tasks as driving a car is not there, not really.

If you have to make any really important decisions or you really have to be super creative with someone or something, then your ability to THINK will be less, and trying to use your brain capacity, if I may call it that, will not be that great.

I am sure we ALL had that one “special” night out when we did not come home the same night, but early morning? If not, I am sure you had a night where “something” kept you up all night.
If this happens once in a while, and NOT every week, or every month, it’s OK, but if you get deprived of your sleep every night it will affect your health at some point in your life.

It is not good for your well being and your health if we do not get enough sleep every night. Our bodies are very fragile and just as AIR and WATER are crucial for our survival, so is our SLEEP.

7. Some Other Causes Of Insomnia.

In the beginning, I said that there are over 100 causes of Insomnia.
So far we have covered and talked about 5 to 10, depending on how particular you, the reader are.
So what are the other 90+ “Other Causes” you are asking yourself now if you have not discovered the one or more causes for YOUR insomnia?

Let us get now into the other causes, which are really divided into some Major Causes which we already have talked about like ANXIETY and than secondary causes which are very closely related to Anxiety, like 1. Low Self Esteem 2.The feeling of being Incompetent 3.The feeling of being no longer NEEDED etc.
The list goes on and we can not get into these at this point since the subject matter is very specific for each individual and without a personal “Questionnaire” it is difficult to help any further. I hope this makes sense to you.

We can of course talk about some other causes of insomnia at this point without getting too personal.
These are other causes are:
A. Medication. Are you on any kind of prescription drugs?
B. Medical causes. Do you have a chemical imbalance or hormonal issues?
C. Lifestyle causes. This is as well individually very different and I can only get into it in more detail in our “Private Conversation” or “Personal Home Visit” in our HOME page under the |Services| section.
I will say this.
Many health issues including INSOMNIA are
Psychosomatic, which means BODY and MIND together are causing the issue.
As some will say: A……. a day keeps the Doctor away. You can fill in the blank…since there are many things to put in that “blank” space.
My slogan is A healthy Mind & Body during the day and a good night’s sleep keeps the Doctor away. Sounds pretty awesome too, right?

I am saying this because in most western societies people are not happy/content with what they have anymore. I already talked to many people about this, especially in the service sector, and asked them WHY they are unhappy. ( You can see it in their faces, body language, and their attitude ) The answer is almost always the same. They do NOT like their work and/or their salary is not adequate.
This “unhappiness” they take home and insomnia is in the making.

If these people would smile more often it would transform their face and their inner being, plus their attitude, and make them a happier person from the inside out. Sounds a bit crazy? Hope not.

In Asia where I also lived more many years, the vast majority of people are extremely poor, but they SMILE every day and are happy to be alive. They own nothing or very little, but still, they are much friendlier and happier than most westerners who own their own home and have much more material things than these will people will ever have.

Last but not least. We ALL have a choice today to change things! It is only up to us to make that choice and change. Make the impossible POSSIBLE ! We are ALL capable to make these life-changing choices at any time and we ALL deserve a good night’s sleep.

8. A Few More Causes Of Insomnia.

1. Do you find yourself trying to force yourself to sleep when in bed?
2. Do you sleep better in other people’s beds? Like Hotels or a friend’s bed?
3. Is your partner’s “snoring” keeping you from falling asleep and even waking you up during the night?
4. How OLD is your mattress? Please be honest, since most people have no idea how old their mattress is, but they do know, how old their car/bike/watch, etc. is.
5. Do you have ” Agrypnia Phobia” and don’t even know it? This is very real for some people and it is: The Real Fear Of Sleep Loss.

Each one of the above “other causes” could be YOUR cause of insomnia. Please ask yourself if your BEDROOM is like a SANCTUARY to you or not, because it should be.

1/3 of your entire LIFE we spent in our bed, and yet it is the one piece of furniture where “most” people, not all, of course, do not spend nearly enough time and money, trying to make it their SANCTUARY as they do with the rest of the house, their car, or their mobile home, to name just a few.
My personal favorite is the ones on mountain bikes. Their bikes if race or mountain and the entire equipment from the shoes to their helmet are worth thousands of dollars/euros, but the bedroom especially their mattress is not even close to the value of their bikes! Just to be sure that I do not get misunderstood. It is OK to spend 3-9000 $/€ on a bike, but please spend that kind of money also on your bedroom and especially your mattress. Thank you.

B. We now continue with the Bedroom Related Items that might cause Insomnia.

Bedroom related items are things that are inside your bedroom. These are way too many, so I will list only the most common ones. Just like the non-related items, they could also be responsible for sleeping disorders.

1. Ambiance-Light

The ambiance is your atmosphere and surroundings in your bedroom.

This might not seem important to some people, but let me assure you it is!

I would like to give you an example.
If you ever spend a night or more in a 5-star hotel, compared to a 1-star hotel, you will know what I mean.

Or have you ever enjoyed a Thai massage? If so, you understand the meaning of Ambiance.

The proper Ambiance in your bedroom is very important if you have any kind of sleeping problem.

It is the right or perfect level /amount of light that makes all your senses RELAX. Of course, it is not only the right amount of light that makes up the perfect Ambiance, many other things also contribute to that.
If you feel that this is something you would like to know more about, please book one of my Private Conversation or our Personal Home Visit, since every person is individually different when it comes to YOUR Ambiance and how to solve it. Thank you

Please check your light and lightbulbs.

Make sure you do NOT use Compact Fluorescent Lamps, in short, CFL lightbulbs.

They emit a very bright white light which is not good for a bedroom’s Ambiance and the mercury in the loops makes them difficult to dispose of.

If you still have and use Incandescent Bulbs, then that is fine, but dimmers are advised.
Halogen Lamps or LEDs are the choices of most hotels or places where the Ambiance is important.
Some of the LEDs are even dimmer usable, which is then perfect, so you can adjust the brightness if you want to read or just relax.

Everybody’s bedroom should be like a Million Dollar mansion and should be a place where peace and harmony should be a priority.

2. Sound / Smell / Touch / Sight

We are now going to talk about the 4 senses and yes Light might be almost the same as Sight, but I wanted to give Light its separate column because I have seen too many bedrooms where this aspect is completely neglected.
The 4 senses are so very important that I would love to give you as much detail as possible.
Because it is a very personal and individual issue for each person who deals with insomnia, we are not able to cover every aspect of it and go into too much detail.
This can be done in our “Services” section.


The sense of sight is probably the most important sense.
For the conscious perception, it is indeed the most important sense of the 4 senses.
One eats also with the eyes, they say. So it is also important HOW the bedroom looks like when you come in. Untidiness is not good in any case, because the subconscious sees everything. Even if you have your own mess in your apartment, you will NEVER find a messy hotel room in a good or luxury hotel when entering your room. Because seeing is so important, it is also important to pay attention to things in your bedroom that the EYE does not like to see.

Sound is for me personally the most important of the four. Why?
Many people are very sound sensitive for various reasons which others might not understand. Babies or young kids can sleep, If tired enough pretty much anywhere and under the strangest circumstances, even if loud music is playing. Unfortunately, this changes for most of us, when we get older and the slightest sound, even birds singing might cause some of us to wake up or even not being able to go to sleep if it does not stop.

Smell is another one of those senses that gives some people trouble falling asleep or even waking up during the night.
It might come from inside your own bedroom or from the outside, but it definitely causes some people’s insomnia if again, they are sensitive to smell. If you smell something that makes you be awake, alert, or wake up at night, please try to get rid of it. How might you ask? Well, that really depends on WHAT and WHERE the smell comes from.

The touch sense might be one of those senses that some might have completely ignored their entire life. For some of course the wrong material in your bed might cause your insomnia. If you use a nightgown or any kind of night pants etc. Please make sure that you use a breathable material. That may be 100% cotton, linen, or silk whichever you prefer unless you have some kind of allergy to any of these. I would not recommend using any other materials that can breathe, since our skin also needs to breathe during our sleep. We breathe about 70% thru our skin, which is also the largest organ in our body.

Solution for SIGHT

This is fairly easy.
As I described it already in the previous paragraph. Just imagine a 5-star hotel room and you have an easy fix. What do you SEE in your bedroom that you do not like?
What is your favorite color? Just in case it is black, please do not paint your bedroom walls black. There is probably no hotel room painted black.
Look in magazines if it helps to choose the right colors or drapes. If you want professional help, consult an interior decorator or book a Personal Home Visit with us.

What can be the Solution for Sound?

If the noise comes from outside and moving is not an option, I would suggest earplugs.
If the noise comes from within the house or apartment, I suggest finding and eliminating it. This sounds fairly easy but can be very tricky. Some NOISE can be so irritating and hard to find that sometimes moving out of the house or apartment is the only solution since a good night’s sleep is worth more than any apartment or house.

Solution for SMELL?

If the smell comes from outside, is really bad, or even obnoxious and moving is not an option, I would suggest keeping all windows that are facing the bad smell closed. If this is impossible because of various factors, then AIR Fresheners in every room is another solution. Otherwise moving out is the better solution. If of course, the smell comes from within the bedroom, house, or apartment, I suggest finding it and to eliminate it.

Solution for TOUCH?

This, I believe is an easy one.
Please look at your pajamas and your bed sheets and check the material. If you are not allergic to Cotton, then get 100% Cotton bed sheets and pajamas. Linnen or Silk is also OK, just depends on the preferences. Good quality bed sheets are expensive but will last much longer and you can FEEL the difference.

3. Water Veins and Magnetic fields and the orientation of your bed.

This is not even considered by most people for most bedrooms, because very often you can only put the bed in a designated place, because windows, sockets, TV and the closets are already in a pre-selected place, and also can not be moved. Or at least they can not be moved with ease.
Therefore, the bed can be placed only in a certain position. There is often no other possibility. Sure, if the bedroom is big enough, which it usually is NOT, you can put the bed somewhere else.
At this point I would also like to add the following:
The first step in the treatment of disease should be the examination of your bedroom, specifically where you sleep, your bed. I know that I might have mentioned this before, but it is really important to say this again!

To continue with “The orientation of your bed”, I will now talk about water veins and earth magnetic fields.
Nonsense or is there some truth to it?
I would also recommend that you do your own due diligence in this matter if you want to know more.
The fact remains that there are people who have had insomnia for many years, even decades, and never found the root cause/causes to why they can not sleep.
These water veins under a house or an apartment are very real and I have personally met some people who eventually found out that it was these water veins and/or magnetic fields who were responsible for their never-ending agony of sleepless nights.

At this point, some people might laugh and say that it is a bunch of nonsense, but sensitive people do react to this very real phenomenon in a very real way, by NOT having a good night’s sleep!

Orbitz International will make you sleep again.

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