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Here you will find Solutions For Your Sleeping Problems!

Here you will find Solutions For Your Sleeping Problems!

After 25 years of experience in the bedding and sleep industry, I am very confident to say that if you read my Free Online classes/videos you will find the root cause or causes for Your Sleeping disorders.

Sleep disorders also called INSOMNIA can come in many different forms.

HERE we will find The root causes of Your sleeping problems.
Since every person is an individual, the causes can partly lie where hardly anyone suspects them or even tries to find them.

-Do YOU have occasional sleep issues?
-Are YOU not able to fall asleep right away once in bed?
-Do YOU wake up at night once /twice or even more?
-Can YOU easily go back to sleep once you wake up?
-Do YOU have severe chronic sleeping problems?

INSOMNIA can have over 100 different causes. Have you found yours??

If not then do NOT waste more time. Click on the ” START SLEEPING ” button now!

It is absolutely FREE

Please answer this Quiz / Questionnaire

Welcome to your personal Questionaire.
This will help you and us to find out what causes YOUR insomnia or sleeping issues.

If you have already answered YES to any of the Above Questions
then it is likely that you have some sort of insomnia and want to sleep better again.

Please answer the following questions:

1. Do you smoke? Yes / No.
2. Do you drink Alcohol? Daily, weekly, monthly, or just occasionally?
Daily- X. Weekly- X. Occasionally- X.
3. Do you drink Coffee or Tee daily? If you answered yes, please
tell us how many cups and if after 6 pm.
4. Do you take any prescription drugs? Yes / No.
5. Do you take sleeping pills? Yes / No.

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A 15 min. Private Conversation
€69 one time fee
  • Support One time
  • 15-20 Minutes
  • Questions? Per email

Personal Home Visit

We Will Come To Your Home
€499 one time fee+travel expenses
  • Power Elite Support
  • One Full Day At Your Home
  • 4-8 Hours

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